Win New Year's Eve Tickets with the Disco Donnie Presents Holiday Drop!

blog win new year's eve tickets with the disco donnie presents holiday drop!

It’s that time of year again – no, not for making a list and checking it twice, but for the Disco Donnie Presents Holiday Drop! We’re closing out the season with a bang as we countdown the final days until 2015 with a ticket giveaway for each of our anticipated New Year’s Eve events.

We’ve got some great performances planned for the holiday all across America and we want you to celebrate with us. For the Holiday Drop, we’re hosting an end-of-year ticket giveaway for each of our nine NYE events. Every day at 3:00 PM EST, we’ll reveal a fun question which you’ll have 24 hours to participate in for entry. On the last day of the contest, you’ll have the opportunity to win a free pair of tickets to any Disco Donnie Presents festival!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for your chance to participate and win free tickets!

Upcoming New Year’s Eve Events

Get ‘Em While It’s Hot! Winter Fantasy Ticket Prices Increase Wednesday at Midnight

blog get ‘em while it’s hot! winter fantasy ticket prices increase wednesday at midnight

Finalize your year-end party plans for this holiday season, including a Winter Fantasy you’ll never forget with headlining sets from Headhunterz, Seven Lions, and Botnek. Buy tickets to Winter Fantasy now, before prices increase Wednesday, December 17th at midnight (11:59 PM)!

Our fourth annual event comes to Pharr Events Center in Texas on Friday, December 26, 2014. But the clock stops Wednesday at midnight (11:59 PM) for our lowest price, less than $45 a ticket! Snag tickets now while the getting’s good and heat up your holidays with bountiful bass.

Something Wonderful Early Bird Ticket Sales End This Friday at Midnight

blog something wonderful early bird ticket sales end this friday at midnight

Early bird tickets are almost gone! Buy tickets to Something Wonderful now, before early bird prices end this Friday, December 19th at midnight (11:59 PM). Our inaugural event comes to the Dallas Cotton Bowl on Saturday, April 18th ushering in a seasonal rebirth in the footsteps of it’s darker, more sinister counterpart — Something Wicked.

This Friday at midnight (11:59 PM) is your last chance to grab the guaranteed lowest price on GA and VIP festival admission to our springtime gathering, Something Wonderful. Snag early bird tickets now, while they last!

Get Connected!

Stay tuned as we reveal Something Wonderful’s enchanting artist lineup, but trust we’ve got top notch talent from around the globe yet to be announced. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to get the full scoop!

Happy 20 Ravin' Years of Holiday Disco

blog happy 20 ravin' years of holiday disco

At Disco Donnie Presents, we’ve been decking the [dance] halls with boughs of disco for 20 years now. Whether you’re a new Disco dancer or a veteran, we want to say thank you for raving out with us and spreading the disco cheer.

For our greeting card this holiday season, we asked everyone what they were doing many years ago when Donnie was throwing his legendary parties in New Orleans. And in the photo and messages below, you’ll see many stages of raving from the Disco team.

From our family to yours, we hope you have a very Disco holiday and may the good spirits of the season meet you with happiness, fill your hearts with peace, and pump your speakers with bass!

20 Years of Raving, A Disco Miracle!

Evan, head of the marketing, was going through an awkward phase in life. “22 and a real mess. John Lennon glasses and plenty of disco house. I still don’t have grey hair, so I think about a year or two away from meeting Donnie.”

Stu may be finding talent for our lineups now, but in his picture, he wasn’t even old enough to attend. “Hello, yes, is this Disco Donnie? Is your rave really 18+? ….what if I have a note from my mom saying it’s OK!?”

Our head of hospitality, Andrea has been raving with Disco almost since the beginning. “My picture is from a party at the State Palace Theater in New Orleans in 1998 – I’ve been trying to work for Donnie ever since!”

His current job sees him bringing talent to a city near you, but in Amin’s picture he’s clearly on some type of thug holiday. “I didn’t choose the Disco thug life – the Disco thug life chose me.”

Holding it down as president of the company, Michele is an original Disco gangster. “In 20 years, I may look a little different, but my love for the scene hasn’t changed a bit!”

Before he was leading the web team, Eric was part of the generation who wasn’t afraid to make a glowing statement. “Back in my day we didn’t have websites or the twitters. We had greasy fliers with sketchy info lines.”

As vice president of the company, Kevin sports a bald is beautiful look now. But in his picture, he’s on the blonde ambition tour, “Blondes do it better! I’m only 100,000 points away from Platinum status.”

Rob oversees our social media – which is perfect considering his picture is from an era where forums reigned supreme. “What do you mean I can’t meet Tiësto? I’m going to tell everyone on my message board about this!”

Next time you’re wowed by the production at one of our events, thank Allen – who, coincidentally, had a similar reaction when he went to his first show, “Oh my god… This is what a rave is? I’m gonna rave till I die! Perfecto and Global Underground foreverrrr!”

Currently lord of the box office, Leon has always had an affinity for travel, “It’s 2001 and I’m flying both cars and ravers at 4:00 AM in the dead of winter. Those were the best days of my Disco life – when PLUR was in our DNA!”

Our ticketing guru Kelly has been a diva for a long time, “Making raves fashionable since 1999!”

Chief of the medical and security department, Edwin knows how to keep calm under pressure, “I’ve got so much PLUR, I’ve gotta give you some!”

Making sure we don’t run around like chickens without heads, our executive assistant Natalie hasn’t noticed much change in her day-to-day tasks. “I used to hang out with people who wore diapers, now I change them.”

KellCobb can nail down anything on the production side of things these days, but he still gets nostalgic. “Those were the good old days, beepers, vinyl, dance floors and when Limelight wasn’t a David Barton Gym.”

20 Years of Raving, A Disco Miracle

Price Freeze on Early Bird Tickets to the Ultimate Music Experience Extended until Monday at Midnight

blog price freeze on early bird tickets to the ultimate music experience extended until monday at midnight

Pocket the perfect holiday gift at the best price! Buy tickets to the Ultimate Music Experience now, before the early bird price freeze ends Monday, December 15th at midnight (11:59 PM)!

Our fifth annual event comes to the Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark on March 19 – 21, 2015 as the #1 destination for spring break mayhem on South Padre Island. Headlining sets from David Guetta, Hardwell, and Tiësto and more artists to be announced promise a weekend of epic proportions. Plus, buy now and score entry to our official festival pre-party featuring Steve Aoki!

The clock stops at midnight (11:59 PM) on Monday, December 15th for our guaranteed lowest price. Buy early bird tickets now, while you still can!

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